AMERICAN INFIDELS- A Time of Reckoning For Republicans

The reason why Judge Roy Moore is the most pivotal figure in American politics today is the same reason why Judas is one of the most pivotal figures in the Bible.  Judas’ betrayal was the triggering event for Jesus’ capture, persecution, crucifixion and resurrection.  That chain of events is commemorated and celebrated all around the world to this very day- thousands of years after they occurred.  Whether you subscribe to this account as an article of religious faith or as a matter of history, the fact is that betrayal at the very highest level is a central theme to the most enduring and influential story ever told.


And Roy Moore’s egregious betrayal of the oaths that he took and the values he was duty bound to promote will prove to be the triggering event for the awakening of a critical mass of Americans to the fact that our government has been infiltrated by traitors and reprobates.  Our two party system of binary choices made it possible for a man like this to fly so high, so far and for so long in one of our states.  Whether that flight lands him at the federal level remains to be seen.  But whether he makes it to the Senate or not, our two-party system may not survive the conflict created by Roy Moore’s exposure as a lying, self-righteous disgusting pedophile.  Mainstream Republicans formally turned against him yesterday.  The state Republicans are holding the line- and that could prove to be the final fault line of the party.

I almost never side with the Republican party but it is easy to do considering who they are opposing- although I am deeply suspicious of their motives and sudden attack of morality.

Beverly Young Nelson, Gloria Allred

The fact is that Roy Moore is an American Infidel and his very presence at the federal level threatens the stability of our already weakened institutions.  Being an infidel is a special status that goes well beyond being a political bad actor.  We’ve had plenty of those before.   But the American Infidel is a new breed of bad actor- birthed by Steve Bannon, nourished by Fox News and galvanized by Donald Trump.  An American Infidel puts his own personal religious beliefs ahead of the Constitution of the United States and seeks to impose those beliefs on his fellow citizens. An American Infidel finds common cause with those seeking to harm their country- be it Julian Assange of Wikileaks or Vladimir Putin himself.  And an American Infidel seeks out an office charged with upholding the law and prosecuting criminals and then uses that office as a shield while he performs criminal sexual acts on children for years.  Is it possible to be LESS faithful to your country than that?  (Actually it is, but we will get to Donald Trump Jr. in a follow up companion piece.)

Well lucky for Roy and his ilk, we don’t chop off heads of infidels in the civilized world.  We just vote you out of office and banish you from a certain level of participation in polite society.  It can take a long while to get there but eventually we do uncover the wolf in sheep’s clothing and deal with them as best we can- and we are slowly getting better.


But despite all of that, his most rabid Alabama supporters have been making comments like if Roy had shot President Obama, he’d get elected by an even wider margin.  These same people are saying that they would trust their well-being in the hands of Vladimir Putin before they would believe any news printed in The Washington Post– one of the most respected newspapers in our country.

I count every last person who shares these sentiments as infidels as well.  Roy has wrapped himself in the American flag, held up a crucifix as a shield and stood on a stack of bibles as his personal pedestal and soap-box- all while undermining the character values that we are all supposed to agree on and aspire to.  He used his position as an officer of our courts to hunt his prey and his prey was little teenage girls trying to grow into women in what is supposed to be the greatest nation on earth.  But can it be that if men like Roy Moore are permitted to hold positions of leadership?  The D.C. Republican party says no.  All descent society says no.  But Alabama looks poised to scream YES and give all of the rest of us the finger.


They simply do not care that his sins against human decency are so glaring that Ray Charles can see them from the grave.

But the battle lines have been drawn and it is increasingly difficult to see how we don’t wind up with the Alabama Republican Party seceding from the national Republican Party.  They want Roy and the establishment smells danger in the 2018 midterm election and wants desperately for him to drop out.  So just like when Judas kissed Jesus, the chain of events are set in motion and things will never be the same again.  And that has to be a good thing considering the political hole we are in now.  America has grown too complex for a two party system to speak to the needs of a majority of our citizens- and these crazy people in Alabama- as unfaithful and unlawful as they may be- are still American citizens whether the D.C. Republicans like it or not.

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