PE’s Play of the Day: The Company You Keep

Breaking News: Human beings can be very complex.  And because human beings are so often complex, the relationships between them tend to be complex as well.  Sometimes beautifully complex, but contradictory and challenging just the same.  It is not always easy to navigate through all of that complexity so simple rules of engagement can be very valuable tools.  Here is one of my personal favorites:

It is better to have certainty in your solitude than confusion in your company.

Solitude has gotten a bad rap over the years with all of the commercial exploitation of relationships- both romantic and otherwise.  But there are times when your own company is the best company you can keep.  Being certain within yourself is the prerequisite for certainty with anybody else.  So if any companionship of yours has caught a confusion cold, don’t hesitate to prescribe some solitude to let that bug work itself out.  Whether the source of the confusion is you or its them (hint: it is probably both), spending some time alone is the surefire way to figure it out.  So take the leap my friends and enjoy keeping your own company.


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