BANISHING BANNON: It Has Officially Begun & Women Are Leading The Way

Last night women voters all over America gave Steve Bannon the finger.  Even those who thought they were just giving Trump the finger were giving it to Steve Bannon too- and that is even more significant.  There simply is no Trump without Bannon.  And the fact that Bannon likes to beat the hell out of women and intimidate them from testifying in court is almost beside the point.  He just happens to represent all that is evil in our politics and has always been especially hostile to women in every way imaginable.

The biggest bird was flipped from the ladies of Virginia and New Jersey as those states elected Democratic governors and now have completely Democrat dominated state houses.  This is a huge deal because Steve Bannon has been chomping at the bit for the electorate to validate him forever as a political operative and GOP king-maker and these elections could have done that.  But they didn’t.  So for the time being his presence at the center of American politics will continue to be seen as a fluke.


He is undeniably the “brains” of the operation that is Donald Trump’s political identity.  Just about everything that we hate about Trump came from the diabolical genius and toxic messaging machine that is Steve Bannon.  It does not matter if Bannon is working in the White House as Trump’s Senior Adviser or if he is working from his throne atop the Breitbart internet media empire.  He remains the most influential individual in Donald Trump’s world and he is not shy about claiming full credit for Trump’s rise to the presidency and for creating the putrid political paradigm that we now call Trumpism.

In short, Trumpism is a political philosophy, campaign playbook and governing principle that defines success almost entirely by who you can upset and offend rather than by what you can actually accomplish.   Only under Trumpism can a president be a year into his presidency without a single legislative achievement and yet be on a perpetual victory tour.   For Trump, his victory is defined by the misery of those who don’t support him and he has plenty of that to celebrate- intentionally fanning the flames of racial division and anger at a level that the nation hasn’t experienced in 50 years.


Steve Bannon is the mastermind and catalyst of all of that.  He is an avowed anarchist, white nationalist and anti-Semite who has crowned himself the king of the so-called “Alt-Right.”  And we underestimate him at our own risk.  Keep in mind that while all of the other idiots in Trump’s orbit are wetting their tighty-whiteys as Special Counsel Robert Mueller makes his way through Team Trump to flip snitches and hand out indictments, Steve Bannon has not been mentioned in any suspicious meetings or shady dealings of any kind.  Why?  Because unlike the others, he is a legitimate strategic thinker and operator while the others are tactical hacks and piss-boys for Trump.  While they all play checkers, Bannon plays chess.  So when the ladies of Virginia and New Jersey slapped him in the mouth and knocked him on his ass they did the country a huge favor:  they stopped the momentum of Trumpism and gave the country a minute to pause, catch our breath and recalibrate our shared values and national identity.


So for all of Bannon’s moxy he couldn’t handle women who were determined last night.  Despite the fact that his strategies and guidance got Trump elected, he is a political novice and he made an embarrassing rookie mistake by claiming victory before the votes were cast and counted.  He showed the world that he suffers from a bad case of electyle dysfunction and pre-mature pontification- claiming victory for GOP candidate Ed Gillespie in the Virginia gubernatorial race only to have him lose in a huge blow-out.  Bannon bragged that his new strategy of having GOP candidates “run on Trumpism without ever mentioning Trump” had worked and that “Democrats should be very, very nervous.”  Now he looks like a complete idiot.  He’s got assholes like Rush Limbaugh claiming all day that the reason why Gillespie lost is because convicted felons and illegal aliens were allowed to vote.  That is just how unhinged these people are who are under Bannon’s spell and who have been seduced by Trump’s siren song.  And because people actually listen to that stupidity, repeat that stupidity, and act on that stupidity, those who voted yesterday need to be loved on, praised and appreciated.  The verifiable truth is that the Democrats won because women turned out in large numbers and went heavily against Bannon’s Trumpism.


Women led the way in these elections and that should be a bell-weather for the 2018 midterms and hopefully the 2020 general.  I have said it a thousand times before and I’ll say it a thousand times more:  women voters can turn this whole thing around.  Women candidates and women voters alike.  Clearly there was some Hillary baggage with women last time around that I wasn’t hip to and she didn’t get the level of support she needed to get over the top.  But last night women showed up and showed that I was right all along.  The time has come and if women will lead at this point in history the nation will follow.  Banishing Bannon and dumping Trumpism is job one and last night was a giant step in that direction.  So thank you, ladies.  You came through right when the country needed you.

∞ π

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