PE’s Play of the Day: Fight The Right Fight

We all face challenges.  What determines the quality of our lives is how well we respond to those challenges.  More times than not, we actually possess the power within us to meet and overcome every challenge we face.  But there is an important catch:  We have to pick our battles carefully because if we waste our power on the wrong battles we won’t have what we need for the right ones.  We should all follow this simple rule all day  every day:

Channel Your Power To Destroy Your Inner Demons, Before You Direct It To Defeat Your Enemies

In the end, it is about how we control what is going on inside of our own hearts and minds  that determines our success, and not what unfolds in a conflict with some outside individual or enemy energy.  If we keep our focus there, we will find that we win far more often than we lose.

∞ π

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