Death By Selfie

We should take note of the fact that it used to be considered an admirable characteristic to be gracious.  Gracious in victory.  Gracious in defeat.  Gracious in our reflections on our lives and in projection of our views.  Gracious in acknowledging others in a genuine way- and not just so that we can be obnoxious later on and stand on the fact that we have been gracious in acknowledging others.

But the loss of graciousness is not entirely a fault or a failure of our values.  It is as much a result of our technological advancements as it is a loss of self-awareness.


Our information technology and internet capacity and social media explosion has created a world where every single man woman and child can effectively put on a never-ending infomercial starring themselves.  Like my man Tyler Perry (who from what I can tell is a great person)

There are millions and millions of us out here putting on a show that have the same credits: Written by ME, directed by ME, produced by ME, starring ME, all about ME, ME, ME!

It has to be hard to be gracious when all you think about is yourself and how everything affects you and reflects on you.  Love yourself but don’t worship yourself.

Cultures evolve over time.  But as we all work to feed the hype machine with fresh content, we might find that there is a ton of fascinating material  to think about and talk about that does not involve looking at a mirror or hustling for “likes.”  That certainly has its place but we can be so much more than that.  There is a big world to explore and examine.  It ain’t all about “ME” sometimes its about “WE.”  Once we dig that, being gracious might just make a comeback.

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