A Message To Major Media Outlets: Trump Terrorism Is For Real (Strong Language)

Trump’s Capitalizing On Terrorism Is Another Form of Terrorism

Progressive Express

ATTENTION ALL MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS & PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL OPERATIVES:  I recognize that you are two wholly separate and distinct groups of people.  Hysterical charges from right-wing nut-jobs have made you sensitive to charges that you are about as separate and distinct as Clark Kent is from Superman.  But in this moment in time you are clearly in the same boat and if you want to survive this category five storm you’d both better listen.  It is not the role of major media outlets to drive election outcomes but we all know that media manipulation is a reality that has to be dealt with.  Donald Trump has done it with astonishing effectiveness and with weapons you have not faced before so this overtly political message for progressives cannot be ignored by media players.  The media is under attack in the exact same way that progressive political operatives are because to…

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