The Battle Of The Binge

We all know the joy of binge watching some television show we have discovered on Netflix that really hit us in the right spot. Maybe the show came out three or four seasons ago but we never got around to checking it out. We heard the buzz but it just got away from us. Then... Continue Reading →

The Conservative Closet: Why Are So Many “Family Values” Republicans Gay On The Down Low? (Adult Language)

Republican hypocrisy is getting so pervasive that it is becoming the exception that is swallowing the rule.  Yet another Christian conservative "family values" right-wing politician has been revealed to be living a double life as a gay man.  Wes Goodman, a 33 year-old Ohio Republican State House Representative has been in the closet- trolling gay... Continue Reading →

The Climate Inside

Many of us remember Aesop's Fables from when we were little kids.  My favorite to this very day is the one that tells of the contest between the sun and the wind.  Short version:  A man was walking along and the sun and the wind began to debate which of them could make the man... Continue Reading →

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