A Message To Major Media Outlets: Trump Terrorism Is For Real (Strong Language)

ATTENTION ALL MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS & PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL OPERATIVES:  I recognize that you are two wholly separate and distinct groups of people.  Hysterical charges from right-wing nut-jobs have made you sensitive to charges that you are about as separate and distinct as Clark Kent is from Superman.  But in this moment in time you are clearly in the same boat and if you want to survive this category five storm you’d both better listen.  It is not the role of major media outlets to drive election outcomes but we all know that media manipulation is a reality that has to be dealt with.  Donald Trump has done it with astonishing effectiveness and with weapons you have not faced before so this overtly political message for progressives cannot be ignored by media players.  The media is under attack in the exact same way that progressive political operatives are because to Trumpsters, you are all the same.  So this message has equal resonance in both circles.


Like we have discovered about terrorism, Donald Trump cannot be defeated by any conventional means.  He cannot be defeated politically for the exact same reason that terrorism cannot be defeated by our militarily.   Notwithstanding the reassuring statements of propaganda we hear on every campaign trail, you can kill people but you cannot kill ideas.   Terrorism is based on ideas that are very far removed from the ideological norms of the targets.  That is why Donald Trump is unfazed by how disgusted rational people are by his projectile vomiting of lies and hate.  Our disgust IS his prize as well as his political currency.

You cannot shame a person who knows no shame- and that is Trump.  Being called a liar and even PROVEN a liar does not phase Trump in the least.  So while it makes sense that we have been fascinated by a public person so willing to lie so flagrantly, we need to understand that it has absolutely no affect on him or his supporters.  And now his highest ranking advisers are following suit- they have learned the power of flagrantly lying to the public and so now it is spreading- like the lie those suicide bomber assholes believe about the 72 butt-naked virgins they get to ravage in the afterlife for sacrificing their lives to murder “infidels.”  General John Kelly is the primest of prime examples of that dangerous dynamic.  Whatever he was before he worked for Trump, he is an unrepentant liar now.


I am taking a pause to advise all of the hysterical conservatives out there who have fallen in line behind the Trump Train to calm your nerves.  Yes, I am going to bust your ass in this piece because that’s what I do.  What I am NOT going to do is say is that what Trump is doing is the same as what terrorists who cut off heads and fly planes into buildings do.  However deranged and insane his conduct is I know it’s not the same. There are strong psychological parallels but it is not the same.


I have found that you folks struggle mightily with context so I figured I’d spell that out plainly before you alarm and misinform any rational people that you may engage or encounter about what I’ve said.

What I am doing is called drawing an analogy.  I realize that many of the voters who swung this last election can’t follow that but we’ll just have to move on without them.  I have written their dumb asses off anyway and I wish that the leaders of the Democratic party would do likewise.  I believe that they really are irredeemable at this point and I make no apologies.  Democrats need to stop trying to please some struggling white guy with blue collar sensibilities who was dumb enough to vote for some rich, loud mouthed New York asshole who has been fucking guys like him over all of his life.  That is a voter who simply cannot be reasoned with.  For all his fake tough guy posturing, that guy is going to vote strictly on emotions like a hormonal teenage girl no matter what facts are in front of him.

And when his political hormones takes a swing in the other direction because his fantasies of Trump Treasure prove to be a mirage he’ll swing the other way.  God only knows when that will happen or why, so my message is focused on the thinking voters out there who can actually process somewhat complex information and act on it.  Hint:  If you have a “Hillary For Prison 2016” bumper sticker on your truck, that’s not you.


Donald Trump is a political terrorist.  A political terrorist attack is flooding media outlets with an unending wave of lies to confuse and confound the average member of the voting public.  A political terrorist attack is specifically and intentionally undermining the credibility and the role of a free press.  Political terrorism is popularizing and propagating the idea that jailing a political rival is in any way appropriate.  A political terrorist attack is pursuing the interests of foreign nations that conflict with America’s national interests.  A political terrorist attack is intentionally boosting your political fortunes with the fuel of hostile foreign actors.  A political terrorist attack is an effort to corrupt the voting process itself with confusion and doubt.  It is documented that Trump has serially performed or suborned all of this since 2015.

It makes perfect sense to counter-act and attack Trump within our norms in every single instance where his actions do harm to the country.  It keeps us grounded in our core values.  But we would be well advised to understand the limitations of that approach- we cannot be constrained by our norms to the point that we can’t win.  We can’t win the fight to stamp out Trumpism any more than we can win the fight to stamp out terrorism.  So what do we do?  We start by recognizing where we are.  We are in a permanent war and war is hell.  So attack where and how you can win- not just where you can feel good about winning.  And forget winning the war for hearts and minds.  Just crush Trumpism wherever you see it and keep crushing it.  Normalizing anything coming from that camp is appeasement.  Anybody that can be persuaded needs to be persuaded by THAT and come to the light on their own.

Objectivity is now a liability when analyzing Team Trump because he is a goddamned liar and he has declared war on our political institutions and infrastructures.  So all legitimate media outlets need to stop trying to win a prize for not holding a grudge and face the war you are in and commit to winning it.  Every media outlet is different but one thing they all have in common is that having their character and credibility assailed is an attack that cannot go unanswered.  Taking his ass down is not proof of bias- it is proof you have the nuts and guts to fight for yourself and for your country.  Trump is an enemy of the state and taking him down is an act of true patriotism and heroism.

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