Why Trump Seems To Win Even When He Loses

Progressives are the smart ones and Conservatives are the dumb-asses. Yeah, I know.  But we still need to account for the fact that despite our intellectual superiority and the mountain of evidence of our governing prowess, Donald Trump is the president and I’m taking all bets that he will be running from the front for re-election in 2020.  I wish I was wrong about that but I know I’m not.  Don’t shoot the messenger.  Just like I know that we lost the election in 2016 more than Trump actually won it.  But he’s in there anyway so it matters little now.  And if the good white folks in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin needed a back massage and a foot rub from Hillary Clinton in order to vote for her then they damned well deserve the shit show in D.C. and all of the fallout that is going to land at their front door.  It just sucks that the rest of us have to share it with them but that’s the price of citizenship.


And despite our fondest fantasies, Trump isn’t going anywhere that the voters don’t send him.  The Russian investigation will provide more proof of what we already know- Trump is a lying sack of sh*t with two eyes and a ridiculous multi-colored comb-over.  And we’ll get proof that his campaign colluded with Russia and all variety of flagrant self-dealing and profiteering that will shock and amaze the world when it comes out.  But Trump will escape indictment and the entanglements of all of his children and inner-circle will be a legal mess for many years to come.  And God only knows what the end result of all of that will be.

But here is what we DO know:  All the while the walls are crumbling around him, Trump will keep basking in scenes like the ones we witnessed in West Virginia, Arizona and Texas over last summer.  Remember when he was stuck in a perpetually horrid news cycle with the collapse of the “Repeal and Replace” effort and scandalous incompetence on his cabinet?  He just decided to relive the glory days of his campaign and hit the road.

The events had the look and feel of celebratory campaign rallies.  Campaigning is a blast for Trump so he just keeps on campaigning.  Governing has turned out to be real work and a pain in the ass so why not just stay on the campaign trail forever?  Trump loves to play the conquering hero- vanquishing the three headed dragon of the “fake news media” establishment Republicans and STILL “Crooked Hillary.”  The crowd goes wild- mainly because they are already wild and they know how much we hate it.  Their glee is sickening because it is based on emotional reflexes that are pure negativity.  There is nothing positive in any of these Trump events and the more we gag the more they double down on that negativity.


It is a circus and Trump is the ringmaster.  All of the lights, cameras and action you can imagine are blazing and that is all that Trump really wants, needs or cares about.  Who gives a damn about governing or solving problems when you have all of the world focusing on you and you can see your face on television 25 hours a day 8 days a week? He loves it and can’t get enough.  And now his insatiable appetite for attention is only matched by the media’s insatiable desire to give it to him.  I hate the son-of-bitch but I write about him three or four times a week myself.

Trump cannot lose because his victory was complete the night he got elected.  The attention is everything to him and as president the attention is non-stop.  And he has the added bonus of following a president who set the country on the full path to recovery and prosperity.  The hard work is done and all Trump has to do is point to the scoreboard and claim victory because the numbers are ringing up while he is sitting in the White House.  Trump will claim he did the work but he hasn’t done jack sh*t.  President Obama is the author of the growth the country is experiencing.


All that matters to Trump is that he’ll never have to call a newspaper or magazine again and pretend to be a phony press-agent or official spokesman like he was known to do in New York media circles for years leading up to his television game show stardom.  He was in his 50’s playing that silly game to get some attention.  He’ll never have to grab hold of a phony conspiracy theory like birtherism again and ride it to headlines and cable news interviews.  And he was in his 60’s playing that silly and dangerous game.  He’s been panting like a thirsty dog for water for years and winning this election was like getting Niagra Falls as a treat.

So that is why Trump cannot lose.  Governing does not matter.  Having somebody to blame does.  That is why this 71 year old man is not suddenly going to find accountability in his character.  All he wants and needs is a compelling story to hold the media’s attention and he is in business.  And as president of the United States business is always booming- so he’ll win again.  But that does not mean that he’ll get to win the presidency again.  We can actually do something about that part. He’ll settle for the scandal of how re-election was stolen from him by a rigged system.

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