PE’s Play of the Day – Relationship Monkeys

Many of us handle our relationships like monkeys swinging through the trees in a dense forest.  We hang on to the one we have  just long enough to get our hands on the next one ahead.  While that method makes a lot of sense for simians swinging through trees, it makes a lot less sense for homo-sapiens swinging through their romantic lives.

Sure, everybody wants the comforts and security that a relationship seems to offer and there is nothing wrong with pursuing that.  But the most important relationship that we need to tend to is our relationship with ourselves.

If we can’t be still and be at peace in our own company, something is wrong- and you can be certain that whatever it is will show up when we next interact with whoever comes our way trying to love us.  

So if you can help it, it may be best to put away the “monkey see, monkey do” rule in this particular area- and maybe just take a break from swinging altogether.  Just cool out and spend some time with the most important person in your life- the one who really and truly IS your everything-  YOU.

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