PE’s Play of the Day: What’s On Your Mind?

One of my favorite old adages is about how people choose to use their minds.  Most of us recognize that what goes on in our minds really IS the determination of who we are.  But what many of us don’t recognize is that we can actually train our minds to do what our heart and soul wants it to do.  Our visualization of who we want to be comes from all three elements of our identity.  The adage goes like this:

Small minds focus on other people;  Average minds focus on events; Big minds focus on ideas.

The good news is that regardless of where your mind is right now, the growth possibility is limited only by your own vision and will.  So you really can go wherever you decide to go with it.  Direct your mental energy and condition your mind on what supports your highest vision and let your reality conform to that vision.  As A Man Thinketh, was written in 1903 and still holds up today right?  So I ask all of my friends- what’s on your mind today and most days?

∞   π 

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