I Can Now Do What?! Get Back Into the Groove of Things! by Zetta

Now that I have my new found freedom, I can get back into the groove of things; I realize the scene is very different than it used to be. I realize that I am not the one for the clubs but lounges and Restaurants (Playing live or DJ old school music) is kind of my thing. Being older I definitely know I cannot stand up all night to party, (I need a seat to return to when I get off the dance floor) and I don’t want to dance too hard to break a sweat, (Hair and makeup need to stay in place). Wow… I’m laughing to myself thinking back when I could be on the dance floor all night breaking a sweat. Dancing like I was on Soul Train.

maxresdefault (1)

I can remember hanging out at Studio 54 in Manhattan (famous club back in the day). Of course I was not supposed to be there (my behind should have been in school) but went into the city with my friends to party, it was so live in the club that night so we wanted to definitely turn up.


We knew we were the shit when it came to dancing, so we decided to get up on one of the podiums (A big square box that stood higher than everyone else) to show off our dancing skills. We danced so hard that we had the people on the dance floor cheering and grooving with us. We knew Soul Train didn’t have anything on us- what a night to remember! But I had to pay for it: the next day I could not move literally. I had to be taken to the doctor. They told my mom (who drove up to my college campus frantic and worried) that I had strained a muscle over my liver. I had to sit out of classes for a week.  My mother never knew the strain came from partying too hard the night  before but that, ladies and gentlemen, is how IT WAS DONE!  

Let’s fast forward to NOW: give me the scene, music and the dance floor.  But I AM NOT breaking a sweat and I will keep my muscle over my liver intact!  Getting back into the groove of things is a little different but still a lot of fun.



3 thoughts on “I Can Now Do What?! Get Back Into the Groove of Things! by Zetta

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  1. Omg! I remember dancing 💃🏽 and being lit,but never doing it like that! Good times for sure, but definitely doing it grown woman style now….


  2. Great blog, had me reminiscing The Tunnel, Sound Factory, the underground, Bently’s Live Saturday night, Palladium….NYC Clubbin’ #ThoseWereTheDays💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾


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