What To Do When You’re Going Through Hell

Winston Churchill was a serious orator.  But sometimes the simplicity of a message is what provides its poignancy.  So when he was asked by a journalist what his plan was for Britain to survive the onslaught of the Nazi bombings at the beginning of WWII, his response was one for the ages.  He responded simply


How can you improve upon that?  It’s simple.  If you find yourself in a situation that is frustrating, irritating, debilitating or just plain unsustainable, the very first thing that you have to do is get your mind set to keep moving.  Do not stop and look around to lament your plight or wallow in sorrow.  If you must take a pause to catch your breath, it better not be any longer than necessary for you to make sure that you are moving toward the exit and that you have the energy that you need to make it there.


Do you REALLY want to just hang around in hell to see what else is there or if it is going to get better?  Bad idea, folks.  Just take Churchill’s advice and KEEP GOING!

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