PE’s Play of the Day: Be Self-Aware

There is nothing more important in the realm of human relations than being able to hear yourself when you speak or see yourself when you act.  So often a person can get so swept up in the emotion or anxiety of a moment that they can do neither.  It is in those moments where we are most at risk of speaking or acting in a manner that we spend years regretting that we could have spent milliseconds preventing.  So no matter how intense the moment may be

Always See And Hear Yourself With The Same Clarity That You See And Hear Others With

If you can do that, you will always be ahead in the game of life because you will always know where you stand be on your own side.  As simple as it sounds, that is the very first play in many of the best playbooks.  Good Luck & Godspeed.

∞  π 

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