General Kelly: PANTS ON F*CKING FIRE! (Strong Language)

I realize that many of my friends and colleagues sparingly watch the news.  Some are very intellectual and engaged people but they just can’t tolerate the incessant noise of the chattering class.  Endless pontification and issue conflation can make it unbearable.  Plus I hear that to some of my folks it all sounds like the same story being  told and re-told over and over.  NOT THIS TIME.

Y’all have to tune in and wake up.  What is going on now is different.  The man who was supposed to deliver honor, order and dignity to the circus freak-show that is the Trump White House has flagrantly lied through his teeth in the most egregious display of political hubris that we have seen yet- and that is really saying something these days.  There is video evidence that Chief of Staff General John Kelly lied on Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.  He told a full story about witnessing abhorrently craven behavior by Representative Wilson that turned out to be a complete fabrication.  Nothing that he stated was true.  Evidently, he adopted a Trump Tweet lie and we know how frequently he hatches those.


The video was released on Friday in full and General Kelly hasn’t said a goddamned word to correct the mistake.  No apology.  No retraction.  No adjustment.  Nothing.  This is what passes for honor in a world where Donald Trump is president of the United States.  This is beyond outrageous- it has actually become dangerous.  The danger revealed itself when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders warned a reporter challenging Kelly’s lie that “if you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that’s something highly inappropriate.”


That took this to the next level and actually poses a danger.  The formal position of the White House now is not just that it’s employees and representatives can lie to the people they work for, but that it is “inappropriate” for the people to call them on it.

And as fundamentally un-American as that whole idea is, she may be on to something. Kelly’s lie was disgusting in every way but Trump himself has already gotten away with lies that are actually actionable and maybe it is because the press has gotten a little intimidated by the flagrant conduct and unrepentant attitude of this White House that is now manifesting itself in General Kelly.

It was confirmed that Donald Trump was in active negotiations with Russian financiers (which means the underlings of Vladimir Putin) to build Trump Tower in Moscow-  DURING THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.  Why is that not being hammered by the White House Press corps daily?


The plan was for the development to literally be the largest skyscraper in the world.  If you think for two seconds that this kind of an opportunity or plan to capitalize at this level would have escaped Donald Trump’s memory or his attention then maybe you really shouldn’t be watching the news- or even voting.  You lack the mental capacity to act as a responsible citizen of the oldest democracy in the world.  But you know better- I know you do.  If your man was hiding information from you the way Donald Trump hides information from the American people you would have thrown a pot of hot grits on his ass in his sleep.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s exactly what Donald Trump needs- the hot grits lie detector test.  But I digress.


The point is we now know that HE KNEW AND HIS KEY CAMPAIGN STAFF KNEW they were partnering with Russian banks and Russian operatives to sink Hillary and boost his campaign.  There are emails uncovered by the NY Times and The Washington Post that are proof of collusion between the Trump campaign, Trump employees and Russian operatives.  This is exactly where the dominoes could start to fall toward Donald Trump himself.  Folks this one could happen.  The congress lacks the balls to impeach him but the Special Prosecutor has the balls to indict and charge him and everyone around him.


We are about to see in real time and in living color if we are truly a nation of laws or a nation of men.  We are about to find out if anybody can truly be above the law.  We are about to find out if our political system is built to sustain the category five hurricane that swooped down on us on November the 8th.  We are going to find out if the people manning our institutions, including the 4th estate of free press, have the courage of their convictions or are simply figure-head place-holders.

Our entire system is on the line because our duly elected Chief Executive has been caught red handed in a lie he has told dozens of times (“I have no financial ties or interests to Russia!  I got nothing to do with Russia, believe me, believe me!”).  Trump is going to be forced to testify under oath and he is either going to confess to colluding with Russian interests or he is going to lie and deny- and that is called perjury.  I am not prone to hysteria and have been preaching caution and patience when it comes to any discussion revolving around getting rid of Donald Trump through any process other than an election held in due course under the Constitution.  But these emails should be a game-changer- and still can be. This blog links to the Washington Post at the bottom so please, pretty please, with sugar on top, read what the f@#k is going on right now because our system is about to be turned on its head and you really want to know what’s going down.


Do not just leave it to television news broadcast because time limitations make it really hard for them to do justice to a matter THIS important.  The news that the Russians were formally invested and investing in a Trump presidency is serious, my friends, and it is almost certain that there is criminality in here.

And after you have availed yourself of the information on this matter, it will be time for you to decide if you are willing to continue to allow any Republican anywhere- especially those elected to serve the nation- can call themselves a patriot and support Donald Trump’s presidency.  Those two ideals just formally became mutually exclusive.  Attention all G.O.P. politicians, pundits and voters:  You have to choose a side.  You are either on the side of America, or you are on the side of Trump.  Trump has proven his only durable political allegiance is to Russia.  All that is left is whether you have the guts to call bullsh*t on Donald Trump once and for all and do what is best for your country.  Pressure your representatives to support impeachment or indictment or resign themselves.    This administration lies reflexively and we can’t function that way.

It is long past the time for “liar, liar pants on fire” taunts.  It is time to really put their asses on the hot seat- as hot as a boiling pot of grits. Read up and tune in folks.  This is going to be worth watching.

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