PE’s Play Of The Day: Dignity Or Disgrace?

If you play the game of life long enough and aggressively enough you are going to find yourself taking a loss every now and then.  It is inevitable.  The good news is that we tend to learn our most valuable and durable lessons from those losses.  The wins that we pile up can deceive us into missing opportunities for improvement.  Plus it is easy to overlook the role that Lady Luck may have played in our good fortune.  But when we lose, we tend to examine the reasons very closely to avoid being there again- assuming of course we are people of character who take responsibility for ourselves and the lives we lead.  Here is one thing to keep in mind when assessing a loss:

We Have To Choose Between Dignity & Disgrace- & It Really Is Our Choice

If we own our mistakes honestly and resist the temptation to blame others, we can be dignified despite our losses.  But if we deflect responsibility, make excuses and revise facts so that we can tolerate the loss, we will be burdened with disgrace.  And dignity lays the groundwork for a victory the next time you play while disgrace simply diminishes your prospects.

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