PE Welcomes A New Contributing Writer: “ARTHUR U. TELLEM” Is On The Scene

For those of you without a sense of humor or a sense of cultural history, “Arthur U. Tellem” is NOT a real name- but the man writing under that pen-name is VERY real.  When I approached my dear friend from our law school days about lending his writing talent and sharp perspective to this blog, he let me know straight up that he was reluctant.  He’s done quite well for himself since we left school.  He’s got a big job with a big check and a very high profile and he can’t risk that for his friend- no matter how tight the bond.  He wasn’t worried about saying what he had to say in this public forum but he’s known me for 20 years and knew full well that in an unregulated space there’s no telling what I might say.

He could predict that I would be making inflammatory commentary that could singe anybody standing too close by.  And of course he was right about that because my first blog The Progressive Pugilist  evoked some very spirited responses during its short but explosive lifespan.  Me and Arthur are tight and all that but nobody is going to the grindhouse for my ass and I wouldn’t ask them to.  So he agreed to contribute under a pen name- like a political version of Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman for years before he blew up.  This man has vision so I’m glad to have him here under any moniker.  Who knows?  He may unmask one of these days and give us a huge boost.


For those of you that don’t know, the title photo selected by Arthur is actually Miami hip hop legend Trick Daddy.  Arthur chose this because despite their divergent life paths, he remains firmly grounded in his cultural sensibilities which were forged in the exact same urban Florida context as Trick.  Considering the pedigree, the profession and the career that mark Arthur’s path today his voice is all the more valuable to our discourse.

So welcome to the stage, Arthur, and thanks for coming.  Do your thing, blood- just don’t hurt nobody unless of course they have it coming.

DVH, Esquire

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