PE’s Play Of The Day: Reward, Repeat & Teach

Because human beings can be so complex and nuanced we often struggle to manage our relationships and set appropriate expectations of each other.  For that reason, we should hang on very tightly to the few simple truths that have revealed themselves to us over time. In my assessment, none has been more reliable than this one:


It does not matter who you are dealing with or the context of the engagement.  If a person takes any action toward you and a positive result follows that action, you can be sure that at some point in the future, they will repeat the action.  We are simply wired that way.  So if someone behaves in a manner that you do not like and that you don’t want repeated, be very careful to make sure that nothing you do in response to that behavior can be misread as a reward.

So run that play and have a great day.  Thanks for visiting PE.

∞ π

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