Why Trump Seems To Win Even When He Loses

Progressives are the smart ones and Conservatives are the dumb-asses. Yeah, I know.  But we still need to account for the fact that despite our intellectual superiority and the mountain of evidence of our governing prowess, Donald Trump is the president and I’m taking all bets that he will be running from the front for... Continue Reading →

PE’s Play of the Day- SELF MISSION

You gotta take care of home first.  Whatever benevolent feelings you may have towards the world outside your door, you will be ineffective in your efforts to be of help if the world inside your door is in disarray. Be The Living Embodiment Of The Vision And Values You Promote You cannot help the poor... Continue Reading →

Jesus Wept! Exposing the Fraud of “Christian Conservatives” by Arthur U. Tellem

After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we are once again being treated to savory nuggets from religious “social conservatives” claiming that America’s moral decline continues its downward trajectorybased on various anecdotes ostensibly about “immoral” conduct primarily engaged in by minorities, and the concomitant wrath of God pummeling down on the country. Spare me. These bloviating voices... Continue Reading →

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