The Progressive Express: There Is Enough Freedom For All Of Us

In this space, progressives NEVER apologize for who we are and what we demand of our country.  We never apologize for pushing policies that support working people and people who can’t work to provide for themselves.   We never apologize for pushing regulations and safeguards that keep corporations from sacrificing people for profits. We never apologize for supporting the full restoration of labor unions. We never apologize for working to dismantle the military industrial complex.   We never apologize for seeking an end to the prison industrial complex.  We never apologize for insisting on equal accountability in the criminal justice system for the wealthy and the poor so that crimes of greed are punished just the same as crimes of need.  We never apologize for rebuking racism in all its forms and calling it out whenever and wherever it shows up.   We never apologize for endorsing and advancing all initiatives aimed at bringing about true gender equity so that America has its best people in position to do the most good for the most people.  And last but by no means least, this is a space where progressives never apologize for calling a traitor a traitor and a liar a liar- especially when that lying traitor has his hands on the levers of power that impact the nation and the world.   In sum,we never apologize for being faithful to the ideals of our nation and to the well-being of all its people.

The Progressive Express is one place in cyber-space where progressives can consider the kind of unfiltered ideas and uncensored perspectives on politics and pop culture that are rarely featured in our major media outlets.  I’d bet you my check that anybody who writes for The New York Times or The Washington Post understands the language and the ethos of this blog even if they couldn’t take the risk of endorsing it.  The purpose of being here is to add a distinct flavor to the public discourse- not just be another parroting voice in the echo chamber.  Why read a blog if you can see the same thing in big media outlets?  It defeats the purpose.  So the headlines here will hit similar topics but we strive to think ahead of the headlines by coming at issues from different perspectives- and we can be colorful in how we describe our views.

So welcome to a place where progressives fight for America and throw punches that land and that hurt.  Right about now, conservative voters and conservative pundits are feeling themselves.  My job is to do my part to make sure that they feel us too.  And if they feel us enough, maybe they’ll retreat to the woods and leave us the hell alone.  Or if they learn how to act, maybe they can stick around and we can all enjoy living in a country where we can still do what the hell we want to do and say what the hell we want to say as long as we are willing to pay the price.  Count me in that number and since you are here, I’m figuring you are too.

Enjoy The Progressive Express, my friends.


DVH, Esquire

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