Welcome To The Progressive Express with DVH, Esquire

The Progressive Express is a place in cyber-space where progressive thinkers can convene and share unfiltered ideas and perspectives on politics and pop culture that you will rarely see in the New York Times or the Washington Post- but everybody who writes for those fine publications and reads them often understands exactly what we are saying and where we are coming from.  But saying things the way we do here can rub people the wrong way and ruffle some feathers.  Fortunately, I don’t give a damn about that.  The purpose of being here is to add something different to the public discourse- not just be another parroting voice in the echo chamber.  Why read a blog if you can see the same thing in big media outlets?  It defeats the purpose.  So the headlines may hit similar topics because we stay up on the world around here- but we tend to come at things from a very different perspective- and we can be colorful in how we describe our views.

So welcome to a place where progressives throw punches that land and that hurt the opposition.  Right about now, conservative voters and conservative pundits are feeling themselves.  My job is to do my part to make sure that they feel us too.  And if they feel us enough, maybe they’ll retreat to the woods and leave us the hell alone.  Or if they learn how to act, maybe they can stick around and we can all enjoy living in a country where we can still do what the hell we want to do and say what the hell we want to say as long as we are willing to pay the price.  Count me in that number and since you are here, I’m figuring you are too.

Enjoy The Progressive Express, my friends.


DVH, Esquire

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