GUN LUST – Our Sexy, Deadly Obsession

This picture is worth WAY more than a thousand words.  This image illustrates the fundamental reason why guns are here to stay as a centralized feature of American society and popular culture.  Guns are SEXY.  Guns are powerful.  Guns evoke titillating emotion.  That makes guns a very easy sale and everything in America is about... Continue Reading →


Does a lion do ANYTHING in a passive or tentative fashion?  Or does it just know what it is supposed to do and do it without pause or doubt?  Likewise, who knows better than you what you want or need?  You can't outsource knowledge of self to anybody else.  Because you know yourself like nobody... Continue Reading →

Here Is Our Chance To Kill Racism In Politics

Somebody please answer this question for me:  How exactly do you appeal to the "white working class voter"?  Does that voter have different interests that are attached specifically to the melanin in their skin?  What does the "white working class voter" want that the black or brown working class voter doesn't want?  The next time... Continue Reading →

The 1st Born Son

Forgive me, my friends.  I don't have it in me to be fired up about what is going on in our crazy political world today.  On this particular day, I can't think clearly about what it will take for people of good conscience to right the wrongs that are robbing us of the kind of... Continue Reading →

Dear POC: We Get Depressed Too

People Need Help Coping Sometimes- And That Includes Black People. Enjoy This Terrific Piece on Mental Health Issues And Overcoming The Old Stigma Of Therapy.

Above the Storm

*I was inspired by a part in the interview I did with Anna from Respychl about mental health. My interview is part of a series on her blog, please check it out!

When I was in the 11th grade, my father told me that during his meeting with the school principals, they suggested I see a counselor. My father refused. He said I didn’t need to speak to anyone about my problems because I am African, and Africans don’t get depressed. Africans don’t get depressed because, despite a post-colonial history of poverty and war, Africans manage to find happiness at the end of the day, my father said.

I was a little upset; it was a new school, and I didn’t know what to make of how I was feeling. I didn’t know much about depression but I did think I had experienced it as a 13-year-old angry little girl…

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History Will Judge Us On These 6 Issues

History has a way of distilling truths down to their bare essence over time- no matter how complex the issues may have seemed as they unfolded.  In any case you can imagine there is a fair and objective judgment of those participating in historically significant events and living during trying times.  The judgment is simply... Continue Reading →

The Black Panther & The Silver Lining

I can make this announcement with great certainty and confidence because I saw it with my own eyes: Black Panther brought Americans together this weekend.  When America really needed a super-hero to step in and save us from ourselves - and Vladimir Putin -the Black Panther was there.  And he kicked ass.  Normally this sentiment... Continue Reading →

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